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These earrings showcase exquisite smokey quartz gemstones, known for their captivating smoky hues and natural elegance.


Smokey quartz is renowned for its believed ability to alleviate stress, Promote emotional balance, Stablity and provide a sense of protection in challenging circumstances.


Nyame dua is an Adinkra symbol that means "Tree of god" or "Gods Tree". This Symbol Represents Gods protection and presence. 


The pairing of both the Smokey Quartz and the Nyame Dua symbol reminds you of how loved and protected you are.

Keep calm and let positive energy and positive events continue flowing into your life.


  • All items will be shipped within 2-3 Business days.

  • Tarnish Resistant Copper, Stainless steel, Hypoallergenic 925 18k gold hook, Smokey Quartz, 

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